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Then came the first exception to Mr. Sachs’s general avoidance of Japanese instruments, Toshio Hosokawa’s “Voyage X — Nozarashi” (2009), a sort of concerto for shakuhachi, a bamboo flute, and small orchestra. The shakuhachi, played with malleable, expressive attacks, produces a breathy sound, deep in terms of profundity if not pitch.

“One can hear already…

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About the Shakuhachi 

I have discovered this wonderful instrument when I was 18 in Japan. It seems to be an instrument that people respond to in their college years. some have come across it when their were very young but probably because someone in their family played it.

I spent 18 in Japan studying and traveling around Japan and the world. There is a practice in Zen Buddhism of going on a journey for 1000 in the mountains around Kyoto to meditate and as part ofa practice to become a monk.

 also the Komusos would travel…

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New CD : 


福田蘭童, 1905–1976 ERATA for actually CD booklet-We apologize for the mistake!!!!! One typo in Japanese: Fukuda Rando Kanji should be:福田蘭童 Ran was misspelled - it was found out only after printing was done...


CD is available and on sale tomorrow on Amazon and Cdbaby.com



ERATA for CD booklet-We apologize for the mistake!!!!!One typo in Japanese: Fukuda Rando Kanji should be:福田蘭童Ran was misspelled - it was found out only after printing was done...

福田蘭童, 1905–1976


Japan trip 

Looking forward to some concerts in Japan.

Will be performing with different artists and I am looking forward to the different styles that I will get to play with in Tokyo with violin and piano and Hiroshima with Koto and Osaka with Japanese singer Nakata Katsuko

I was looking forward to the Shakuhachi festival, but it does not seem that their budget will allow for me to perform there.

Unlike other past festivals, this Kyoto festival is charging performers to play...

as if paying once way to Japan was not…

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tales form Brazilian trip in November 

Concert tour to Brasilia and Recife 11/11.


After a night flight to Brazil, Masayo Ishigure and me finally arrived in Brasilia. Someone from the Embassy had come to pick us up along Mitsuki Dazai who had already arrived earlier. We headed to the Embassy to check on the instruments and do some rehearsals for the next day.

We had a whole room to us to practice for a couple of hours. The staff was really kind and helpful.  After packing the instruments for the next day, we were invited for dinner by the…

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We are excited about this coming autumn period. I am working on a new composition for a grant in Washington Heights. This is a new piece to celebrate one of our local Hero Bruce Reynolds who died at the WTC attack on 9/11 2011 is the 10th anniversary and I plan to compose a piece to celebrate his life and the garden that was named after him. This garden has brought many people together and we have for the last 7 years given concerts in late summer that have drawn more and more people. The piece is called…

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