A'Lelia Bundles Community Scholars  

Marco Lienhard is a A'Lelia Bundles Community Scholar from Columbia University for 3 years. This will allow for some research on the book on Taiko and Japanese music.

We are excited about it and the opportunities that are given through this scholarship.


Some concerts were possible in Europe and some outside concerts in NYC. There will be one concert on 11/14 at 4 PM at Tenri Institute of Shakuhachi music. This concert is inside with vaccinations certificates requested.

We hope things are going to be easier, but it is still complicated to organize concerts in this setting.


Support artists 

This time when governments do not help artists to survive, we need your help until things go back to semi normal. Take an online lesson, buy some CDs for yourself or friends or donate.

Thank you for your support 

Shakuhachi book 

We are working book to help learn the Shakuhachi with original songs. hope to have it out by 2021 or 2022. The plan has been delayed, my designer 'father passed away - RIP.

and so I just wanted to give him a little time.

Three nominations for the 2017 JPFolks.com Awards 

We just got word that we were nominated three times for this award

Check the CD at our online store!



Jpfolks.com for complete listings


Solo Instrumental Album Nominees

Artist Name



The Traveler's Song



Marco Lienhard





Asian Album Nominees

Artist Name


Tree Spirit






Asian Song Nominees






Artist Name



From The Album



Tozan Matsuri

Marco Lienhard


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New shakuhachi CD 

Thank you for your  support with Kickstarter.

 We were successful, so the CD is actually ready to go.

Here are some info to be found on cdbaby.com



CD Marco Lienhard/ Fukuda Rando 福田蘭童


Mugibue No Koro/麦笛の頃

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ


Miyama Higurashi/ /深山蜩

Shakuhachi 尺八


Tsukikusa No Yume/月草の夢

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ



Kikyou Gensoukyoku /桔梗幻想曲

Shakuhachi 尺八


Tabibito No Uta 旅人の唄

Shakuhachi 尺八


Tsubaki Saku Mura /椿咲く村

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ


Yugure Gensoukyoku/夕暮れ幻想曲

Shakuhachi and…

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Kickstarter til 9/9!!!1 

Please support our  new kickstarter campaign of our new CD

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/641430015/east-winds-ensemble-plays-fukuda-rando we only have til September 9th- Thank you for your support!!!


you will find info on  the new cd on our the kickstarter website!

Russia tour 

We just got back from Russia.

 Ryazan was cancelled because of the government choosing to use the hall at the last minute.

We had a busy tour but go t to speak to audience members

 Had a fun time there, though it was very busy with shows everytnight

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