Japan trip

Looking forward to some concerts in Japan.

Will be performing with different artists and I am looking forward to the different styles that I will get to play with in Tokyo with violin and piano and Hiroshima with Koto and Osaka with Japanese singer Nakata Katsuko

I was looking forward to the Shakuhachi festival, but it does not seem that their budget will allow for me to perform there.

Unlike other past festivals, this Kyoto festival is charging performers to play...

as if paying once way to Japan was not already high enough!!!!

Well having lived in Kansai on and off for over 6 years, It is very much in the spirit of the city. It is not so much about sharing or being a real festival its more about making money in the Kansai area. The tradition of merchants and buisnesses has not changed through the centuries. Too bad!!! but I will get a chance to play with a great friend of mine who is a singer in Osaka and will participate to her live concert Saturday May 2nd at 7PM

here is the address satukigaoka 12-18, suita city, osaka