We need your support

At this time of economic downturn, we need your support to help us with our programs. Grants are getting smaller- but we are still committed to bring you high quality and entertaining program Please email us at to donate…


Fiscal 2011 Cultural Development Fund Award

We just got a City grant to help with our community concerts, Symphony space and Inwood park.

We want to thank the City of New York!!!! for their  continuing support


Inwood concert great turn out


We had a great turnout of the concert in Inwood. Growing  number of audicne members and they are coming from far even Brooklyn and surrounding areas.

 Great to see that people are catching up and making it one of…


Back from South America

Just back from the trip to Brazil and Argentina. Sao Paulo was intense week of shakuhachi playing and concert, workshops. We had a concert with koto and organizer MAtheus Fereira playing also on the Shakuhachi Argentina was about Taiko, shakuhachi…



Concert is still in the works-still waiting definite for Ocotober or November of this year


Sao Paulo

Concert and lessons, workshops available mid to end of July 2010 Also Argentina in end of July early August