School educational info on Taiko and Japanese legends

This is a shorter version of some legends from Japane  with mention of music,dance and taiko:

This info can be also found here:

 This is a slightly adapted version:


Taiko is mentioned for the first time in Japanese legends.


Inwood concert blog



South America

I will put some pictures later on the website.

 you can find some on flickr under taikoza.


The weather did not  get too cold  in Buenos Aires, though this time  i was prepared with warmer clothes.

 Sao Paulo and Rio…


Hawaii and then Back to new York

After one great month on the road in Rainy California and Sunny Hawaii, I am back in New York for our Symphony Space concert, MArch 7th at 7 pm We have some new compositions and new arrangements. Everyone is really…


Odaiko is back in New York

Our final tour in Switzerland with a week in Neuchatel was great too We did 3 school performances for local schools and then we did 2 evening concerts for the public We had to add one concert as the first…



Concerts in Torino and Milan were great and we hope to be back for more in Italy. Look for more future concerts on our calendar catch our show somehwere close by.