Marco Lienhard

Memories of Taiko festival in Buenoes Aires

Matsuri in Buenos Aires. Playing in the Japanese Garden for the Taiko Matsuri in Buenos Aires was really a thrilling experience. I have traveled quite a lot and played in all kinds of places, but this event was quite an event. I got to Buenos Aires thanks to the hard work of Bruno and Buenos Aires Taiko. I was wondering if it would not be too cold to play outside, as the previous days had been very cold. The day of the festival was a perfect day, warm and beautiful sky. I only got to see part of the festival as we were setting up for a shakuhachi concert in another part of the garden. I heard a few groups earlier in the morning and then later in the afternoon. I was impressed with the power and spirit of every group. It was very exciting to see so many groups in Argentina and I am sure I only saw a few. The audience too was very attentive and cheering the drummers. It just felt like a very special day. I had the chance to perform some of my songs thanks again to members of BA Taiko who learned my songs for this event. Everyone did a great job and it was great to be able to bring a different style to the city. One of the highlights was to see all the taiko groups perform together as a finale, I played along playing the FUE and the energy was so intense that the audience seem to be thrilled and excited that when the song ended, they seemed not to want it to end and demanded another repeat of the finales, which happened with even more energy. To see all these groups together was so emotional it gave goose bumps feeling that energy being sent in to the universe. A very memorable festival indeed