Marco Lienhard

Katsuya Yokoyama R.I.P. 1934-2010

Master Yokoyama just passed away in the morning of April 21st from Colon Cancer surrounded by some of his disciples and his family. One of the greatest shakuhachi performers of our times. He premiered the piece "November Steps and Eclipse for shakuhachi and Biwa by Takemitsu Toru that made him world famous. He was my teacher for the Wadatsumi-do style music. His renditions of the pieces gave them a new dimension and made the songs very powerful and soulful. He will be dearly missed. He had not been playing shakuhachi for some time now having suffered two strokes. I feel very fortunte to have been able to study with him and learn so much from him. As member of Taikoza i was introduced to Yokoyama Sensei in 81 by Mr Den and Furuya sensei- I was very fortunate to have been guided towards him as later on , after listening to a lot of performers, he was the one that really touched me the deepest with his playing. RIP