Marco Lienhard

Three nominations for the 2017 Awards


We just got word that we were nominated three times for this award

Check the CD at our online store!


JUST PLAIN FOLKS AWARDS 2017 Nominations for complete listings


Solo Instrumental Album Nominees

Artist Name



The Traveler's Song



Marco Lienhard





Asian Album Nominees

Artist Name


Tree Spirit






Asian Song Nominees






Artist Name



From The Album



Tozan Matsuri

Marco Lienhard


Tree Spirit



New shakuhachi CD


Thank you for your  support with Kickstarter.

 We were successful, so the CD is actually ready to go.

Here are some info to be found on



CD Marco Lienhard/ Fukuda Rando 福田蘭童


Mugibue No Koro/麦笛の頃

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ


Miyama Higurashi/ /深山蜩

Shakuhachi 尺八


Tsukikusa No Yume/月草の夢

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ



Kikyou Gensoukyoku /桔梗幻想曲

Shakuhachi 尺八


Tabibito No Uta 旅人の唄

Shakuhachi 尺八


Tsubaki Saku Mura /椿咲く村

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ


Yugure Gensoukyoku/夕暮れ幻想曲

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ


Shunrei /春麗

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ


Tone No Funa Uta/利根の舟歌

Shakuhachi 尺八2本


Gekkou Routeki/月光弄笛

Shakuhachi and Piano/尺八とピアノ


Mushi Tsukiyo/蟲月夜

Shakuhachi 尺八


Fuefuki Doji /笛吹童子

Shakuhachi 尺八1.8と3.6



One typo in Japanese:

Fukuda Rando Kanji should be:福田蘭童

Ran was misspelled - it was found out only after printing was done...

We apologize for the mistake!!!!!





Russia tour


We just got back from Russia.

 Ryazan was cancelled because of the government choosing to use the hall at the last minute.

We had a busy tour but go t to speak to audience members

 Had a fun time there, though it was very busy with shows everytnight



Will be doing workshops and copncert sin Hawaii look for  dates on calendar

 2/19 in Honolulu





 Maui 2/25/-28 

Oahu 2/28

Russia tour dates:


06/03/2011     Sunday                  Tula                    one show ?

07/03/2011     Monday                 Ryazan               one show     

08/03/2011     Tuesday                Arkhangelsk        one show   

09/03/2011     Wednesday           Tver                    one show   

10/03/2011     Thursday                St. Petersburg    one show

11/03/2011     Friday                    Moscow             one show

12/03/2011     Saturday                Moscow             two? show

13/03/2011     Sunday                  Yaroslavl            one show   

14/03/2011     Monday                 Ivanovo              one show


California trip 10/29-11/6


LAst minute event in San diego and lesson trip in SF, LA and SD

still have some opening ifi nterested for taiko or shakuhachi lessons

We need your support

At this time of economic downturn, we need your support to help us with our programs. Grants are getting smaller- but we are still committed to bring you high quality and entertaining program. Please email us at to donate We are a 501 c 3 Tax Exempt organization and your donations are tax deductible to the extend of the law.

Inwood concert great turn out


We had a great turnout of the concert in Inwood. Growing  number of audicne members and they are coming from far even Brooklyn and surrounding areas.

 Great to see that people are catching up and making it one of their annual outing.

We are hoping to get the grants for  2011!


Back from South America


Just back from the trip to Brazil and Argentina. Sao Paulo was intense week of shakuhachi playing and concert, workshops. We had a concert with koto and organizer MAtheus Fereira playing also on the Shakuhachi Argentina was about Taiko, shakuhachi and fue afficionado are still few in numbers, we hope to change that soon. Buenos Aires Taiko performed with me on Saturday night 8/7/10 at the British Art Center.

Thank you to everyone who helped out and made this possible. Looking forward to more concerts and  workshop in the fututre


Concert is still in the works-still waiting definite for Ocotober or November of this year

Sao Paulo

Concert and lessons, workshops available mid to end of July 2010 Also Argentina in end of July early August

Katsuya Yokoyama R.I.P. 1934-2010

Master Yokoyama just passed away in the morning of April 21st from Colon Cancer surrounded by some of his disciples and his family. One of the greatest shakuhachi performers of our times. He premiered the piece "November Steps and Eclipse for shakuhachi and Biwa by Takemitsu Toru that made him world famous. He was my teacher for the Wadatsumi-do style music. His renditions of the pieces gave them a new dimension and made the songs very powerful and soulful. He will be dearly missed. He had not been playing shakuhachi for some time now having suffered two strokes. I feel very fortunte to have been able to study with him and learn so much from him. As member of Taikoza i was introduced to Yokoyama Sensei in 81 by Mr Den and Furuya sensei- I was very fortunate to have been guided towards him as later on , after listening to a lot of performers, he was the one that really touched me the deepest with his playing. RIP


Finished Teaching in Branson, MO - the shoji Tabuchi show is opening on APril 8th at 7:30pm go check them out and got see the largest odaiko in the US. It has been warmer in Missouri but cooled of.

Taiko workshops in New York in MArch

There are a series of Taiko workshops in New York. They will be held at the Bowery Poetry club. The first one the week after the Symphony SPace concert. March 14th at the Bowery Poetry Club for bowery Kids at noon 2 hour workshop fo r Adults at the Bowery Poetry Club on Saturday March 20th at 11-1pm

Dec 3rd East Winds At Thalia at Symphony Space

We have some new pieces that we are doing for this concert and hope that we get support of the community as it is important for our future grants applications. Looking forward to many more community concerts in New York . Please support and come to see the concert if you want to havemore of these concerts happening.

Boston concert

We had a good crowd at the concert. The new compositions were very interesting too and in different styles. From Germany we had a more baroque influenced piece. There has been talk since last year of recording some of the music and we are hoping we can find some funds to do this in a near future. If anyone knows of grants that apply to recording that would be helpful. We also did a small presentation for Harvard Student at the Lamont Library on Saturday and had a lot fo interesting questions from students and a lot of interest some students even doing some paper on muisc buisness.

Boston shakuhachi and koto concert

The is happening this weekend at the Brookline Library. It will be the world premiere of three new pieces. The concert will also include koto and shakuhachi traditional pieces. check the calendar for more info.

Back from Swiss tour

We had great end of Tour in Switzerland osme pics will follwo. We have some other performance sin the greater New York area, suchas Paramus and then upstate NY next week.

Taikoza NYC concert 3/7/10

Taikoza will perform at Symphony Space on March 7th 2010 With new compostions and favorites this sure will be an event not to miss.

Torino & Milano concerts

We just came back from Torino. Great town and theatre was also very nice. we hada great crew that helped us make it all go smoothe. sold out crowd of about 1400. We were able to meet the audience members after the show and ended up almost selling out of the CD, we did have a few left for Milano. We also played for a tea ceremony the next day at the Asian art museum. We also played at the Allianz Theatre in Milano about 2000 people came to see the show and this time we tiotally sold out of CDS, never expecting to sell that many in two days as people mostly download music nowadays. We are looking forward to the rest of the tour Note: We will be in chiasso on Ocotber 3rd at the cinema teatro

Memories of Taiko festival in Buenoes Aires

Matsuri in Buenos Aires. Playing in the Japanese Garden for the Taiko Matsuri in Buenos Aires was really a thrilling experience. I have traveled quite a lot and played in all kinds of places, but this event was quite an event. I got to Buenos Aires thanks to the hard work of Bruno and Buenos Aires Taiko. I was wondering if it would not be too cold to play outside, as the previous days had been very cold. The day of the festival was a perfect day, warm and beautiful sky. I only got to see part of the festival as we were setting up for a shakuhachi concert in another part of the garden. I heard a few groups earlier in the morning and then later in the afternoon. I was impressed with the power and spirit of every group. It was very exciting to see so many groups in Argentina and I am sure I only saw a few. The audience too was very attentive and cheering the drummers. It just felt like a very special day. I had the chance to perform some of my songs thanks again to members of BA Taiko who learned my songs for this event. Everyone did a great job and it was great to be able to bring a different style to the city. One of the highlights was to see all the taiko groups perform together as a finale, I played along playing the FUE and the energy was so intense that the audience seem to be thrilled and excited that when the song ended, they seemed not to want it to end and demanded another repeat of the finales, which happened with even more energy. To see all these groups together was so emotional it gave goose bumps feeling that energy being sent in to the universe. A very memorable festival indeed

July 13-19 Sao Paolo, BR

Here are the info for the Brazil concerts and workshops- hope you read Portuguese...' Marco Lienhard no Brasil Horário: 15 julho 2009 às 20:30 a 18 julho 2009 às 9:00 Local: Centro Cultural Rio Verde Organizado por: Matheus Ferreira Descrição do evento: Nos dias 15 e 18 julho vamos receber o Mestre Marco Lienhard para 2 concertos de shakuhachi em São Paulo e um workshop de shakuhachi para alunos iniciantes/intermediários. Marco Lienhard morou 15 anos no Japão estudando Taiko, o Fue e o Shakuhachi. Ele fez inúmeras turnês pelo mundo como membro do grupo Ondekoza (1981-1998). Ondekoza foi o primeiro grupo de Taiko a fazer turnês internacionais para divulgar a arte da percussão Japonesa. Para a programação clique abaixo: Divulgação.JPG Preços: Concertos - R$ 30,00 cada Workshop de 4 horas - R$ 100,00 será disponibilzada uma shakuhachi de PVC para cada aluno se necessário, e deverá ser devolvida ao final do workshop. Teremos shakuhachis a venda no local - PVC e Bambu. Atividades de Matheus - Danilo - Shen - Tamie Kitahara - R$ 10,00 cada Haverá preços especiais se você optar por fazer todo o programa. Consulte-nos. Aulas particulares com o Marco disponíveis ao longo de toda a semana, se quiser agendar me contate no: Marco estudou shakuhachi com o grande mestre japonês Yokoyama Katsuya, que mais tarde o convidou para tocar nos Festivais do International Shakuhachi Keshukan. Em 1995, Marco Lienhard fundou o grupo Taikoza com o qual tem feito turnês pela Europa, Rússia, México e Estados Unidos. Ele também lançou vários CD’s de Taiko e Shakuhachi aclamados pela crítica. Lienhard também se apresentou nas casas de concerto mais prestigiadas do mundo como o Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, Boston Symphony Hall and também se apresentou com a Ópera de Nova York. Também compôs uma parte da trilha do game premiado do Nintendo Wii: Red Steel. Fez diversas apresentações na TV em redes como: NBC, ABC, History Channel, ESPN, PBS e muitas outras. Para maiores informações por favor acesse: e Crírica sobre Marco Lienhard: Artigo por Sr. Kishi no Jornal Hogaku, Tokyo, Japão: “Um extraordinário tocador de shakuhachi, Marco Lienhard acabou de lançar seu novo CD, uma verdadeira amostra de talento e sensibilidade musical. Desde as interpretações de Kinko-Ryu Honkyoku do tesouro nacional Yamaguchi Goro que eu não sentia a necessidade de escutar shakuhachi. A interpretação de Marco Lienhard do Honkyoku da escola Watazumi é incrível e todos estudando este estilo deveriam ouvi-lo. Sua interpretação de Amazing Grace foi tão poderosa e tocante ao coração que me lembrou de cantoras gospel como Mahalia Jackson.”

Argentina June 22-29

Workshops, performances in Argentina at the end of June Contact us if interested to do lesson with Marco Lienhard Also possibly Chile and Brazil

Hawaii 2/26-3/6

Going back to hawaii for some performances and teaching. Let me know if you are interested in some lessons. Will be also in Missouri Branson from 3/7-13 and then back to New yOrk for a week or so Busy spring look for our calendar to see you at a theatre near you!

New York city concert

There will be family concerts again in March 1st, at the Bowery Poetry club at noon and then in Jamaica, Queens at the Jamaica Arts Center at 10 and 11:30AM on May 28th. Look on Calendar for more info

In Memoriam of Ryuko Mizutani

A dear friend, musician, Taikoza member and East Winds ensemble member just suddenly passed away in early December. She will be dearly missed by everyone. She can be heard on the East Winds Ensemble CD: the Miyazaki Anime Music 2.

Miyazaki Music CD released

The new East Winds Ensemble CD that was released in Japan is now available here in the US with a new cover. This the second CD of Music from Anime by H. Miyazaki. You will be able to get it Cd or downloads at and later on iTunes, napster ,etc Enjoy.

East Winds Ensemble 10/17

Thank you for your support and thanks to LMCC and Dept of Cultural affairs of New York for making these concerts possible. check calendar for next concerts

Brunswick, GA

We had a great response in Georgia at the Coastal Community college. Great help from the student activity students. We hope to be back there in the future. We might be going to other parts of Georgia first. Check the calendar for new South East Dates to come.

10/17 ticket on sale

You can buy ticket for the October concert of East winds at: TM phone number 212-352-3101 or 1-866-811-4111 and

Inwood : Isham PArk

We had a great turnout again this year about 250-300 people. A lot of dancing kids, that just could not hold themselves from bouncing and wanting to play too. We will post pictures soon.

Inwood : Isham PArk

We had a great turnout again this year about 250-300 people. A lot of dancing kids, that just could not hold themselves from bouncing and wanting to play too. We will post pictures soon.


The end of summer is getting closer and we are getting ready to the busy Autumn season. Thereare quite some travels involved too. Make sure to check the calendar page. We havea few goals for the coming year. We are looking for a new studio, with mirrors and bigger space If you know of a place please let us know. working on several new CDs and new songs We are working new songs in our concerts and working on them - the best is to hear them and get new ideas as we play them and hearing everyone's solos also help in reworking them.

New Zealand, Australia

I really recommend a trip to the Southern Hemisphere. Try for a mild season, July can be pretty chilly. Looking forward to another trip. Will be posting some pictures from my trip South. Still in the middle of many different project and trips. Hope to see some of you in Vermont at the kosa festival

Symphony Space concert

Hold the date November 23rd at 7pm . Taikoza will beback at Symphony Space with some new compositions and new arrangements. See you there

Taikoza in NY parks

There will be a Manhattan park and queens park concert this summer. July 22nd in Queens at 11AM check calendar 8/23 at 6PM in Isham Park in Inwood by 207 stop on A or 215stop on 1

East Winds Ensemble concert

May 2nd not to miss, we will also include Miyazaki Hayao music that we recorded- music of Spirited away, Mononoke, etc Check the calendar for info on tickets. See you there.

Australia, NZ

Will be giving workshop in Australia and New Zealand and Tasmania in June and July email for more info Auckland 6/25-28 Hamilton 6/29-7/1 Sydney 7/2-8 Tasmania 7/10-14

The Dragon PAinter and Wrath of Gods DVD

MArco Lienhard composed the music for the Wrath of God silent movie that is part of the extras in the DVD of The Dragon Painter. It has just been relasesd on MArch 18th by

East Winds Ensemble concert

May 2nd 8pm . New compostiions and favorites perfromed on Perciussion, Taiko, Koto and Shakuhachi. This will be an exciting evening not to be missed. for tickets check calendar for more info.

Miyazaki Hayao Film music part 2

We finished the recording for a second edition of Miyazaki's film music- music from Totoro, Proco Rosso, Howl's Moving castle, etc. It will be available on Itunes in a few months after the editing is done in Japan. We will make an announcement when it is ready. we are also working on a new Taikoza CD and Shakuhachi Honkyoku CD this year or early 2009.

LMCC Community Fund awards grant to East Winds

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council has Awarded East Winds a grant for Taikoza concert Series in Manhattan , look for free concerts in the parks in summer and concerts in venues around town. March 2nd at Bowery Poetry Club for family show at noon for Bowery Kids and later Symphony space concert in Autumn 2008.

LMCC grant for Shakuhachi concert Series in Manhattan for 2008

We are very pleased to announce that the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council has awarded us with a grant from 2008 Manhattan Community Arts Grant Look for concert announcements soon. We have a date for one of the concert which is Thalia at Symphony space, May 2nd.Located at 95th Street and Broadway.

Hawaii workshops January and February 2008

If you are in Hawaii - will be holding a series of workshops in Hawaii. will be in on Big Island 1/22-28; Maui 1/26-29; Oahu 1/28-2/1 and back in February still have open dates for interested parties, please contact me for scheduling taiko, Fue, shakuhachi workshops

Symphony Space

Thank you for everyone who came to the concert thank you for your support. We will have some picture from the performance online in the coming month. Happy Holidays.

Taikoza Symphony concert 12/16 7pm

Get you tickets early not to miss this great show. New exciting compositions and tradtional pieces will be performed Guest: Koto master Ryuko Mizutani Also to be on mailing list for concerts or to stay in touch, please go to the listbaby and join the mailing list to get important notices for new CDS or great concerts and events. See you soon


Just finished a small tour in California. There was a regular concert as well a school show in Pasadena. Will beback soon for some more wqorkshops and teaching Taiko as well as Shakuhachiin the LA and Bay area, so feel free t ocntact me if you are interested.

Cancelling some dates

SOme dates in California'sBay are and Chicago unfortunately were cancelled- we still hope to make it there some time soon. We will still be in in Los Angeles 10/14 and 16th that si only MArco Lienhard and we will be in Detroit on 11/7 Sorry for those who came to see the show and found a dark theatre, the producer did not seem necessary to put a note up, so I encourage you to write them letters of complaint!!!

Inwood Isham PArk concert

Thank you for everyone coming to the concert. We had the biggest crowd of all our past Isham Park concerts. We hope to get support for next year and be back. Great turnout and a lot of children also this year. Hope to see you all at Symphony Space

Taikoza annual concert

Winter Solstice celebrated with Taiko drums. Symphony Space on 95th and broadway Sunday 16th December 7PM Tickets are one sale now. Great Early Christmas , Kwanaza, Hannukah gifts- Tikctes: 212-864-5400 or

Myspace Taikoza

You watch a short clip and listen ot music on our web site on under Taikoza also MArco Lienhard

Taikoza free PArk concert in Inwood, Manhattan 9/29

We will hold our annual free concert in the Park on Sunday September 16th at 6PM. Rain date is Sunday same time 9/23/07 the concert is done in the Bruce's Garden part of the Isham PArk at the end of Park Terrace East South of 215th Street, NY 10034 A train to 207th and walk north through the park on West side of broadway or take the 1 train to 215th and walk west to 215th steps and top of steps take a left to park With the support from Mr Reynolds from the Isham Restoration project( a community garden project)

Symphony Space concert 12/16/06 7pm

We are getting ready for our annual concert . The date has changed again so now it will be December 16th Sunday at 7PM. Symphony Sapce. We hope to see you then and check our new songs out and also your favorite songs.

Sumnmer fun at Bowery Poetry club

There will be a family show on Sunday 29th at noon, come with your family for this exciting show full of fun for the whole family If you are in the Hamptons catch us on July 18th at the PArrish Museum in Southampton,NY 10 AM and 2pm

Getting ready for Switzerland

This short tour will be a private performance tour, but everyone is very excited about it. We just shipped the drums on air freight and getting ready for the tour. this week you can catch us in different cities Stamford, New Haven we are also doing some shows for schools in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn

Red Steel on itune and CD

You can hear some sample of the Red Steel score on Itune. It is available now. The CD is coming out on May 29th. Plenty of Taiko, Shakuhachi, Nohkan, Fue, Koto, shamisen, etc An exciting score

Red Steel 2

Another part is in the work and probably or hopefully will have some taiko included again

Red Steel

Nintendo/Orbisoft is releasing the music of the wii game: Red Steel It will be available soon. We recorded some Taiko, shakuhachi, Fue tracks for a good portion of the game


It seems that a lot of people are using their phone to film in theaters. there are also some clips from Russia and our sumo tour last year. Here are a few listed from Youtbube under Taikoza that i found. There are also promotional clips from Urbisoft for Red Steel, the nintendo wii game:

Taikoza in Switzerland

The Tour in Switzerland was very successfull and we are getting ready for another tour in 2009, so look for us there. We also met with the local Taiko group in Geneva, Remi Taiko- we had a pot luck dinner at their practice place in Geneva. Good luck to the first Swiss Taiko group.

Red steel wins best Score includes Taikoza Best Original Score Red Steel Publisher: Ubisoft Developer: Ubisoft Paris (France) Why It Rocked: Red Steel's ambitious soundtrack comes from famed composer Tom Salta, who has contributed works, in part or whole, to everything from the 2006 Olympics to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Project Gotham Racing 3. His discography spans hit videogames, music, television and movies. That noted, his Red Steel soundtrack could be his best to date. The game's music was recorded using live Japanese instruments, from the Koto to the Shakuhachi, and performed by the percussion group Taikoza. Meanwhile, as players explore traditional and modern overseas environments, they will hear everything from thundering choir singers to violin solos, just as they'll encounter bits of electronica, jazz, hip hop, lounge, Japanese pop and yes, even (literally, as it happens) elevator music. The selection not only has a richness and definition often lacking in videogames, but the compositions are catchy and memorable, too. Zelda's tracks earn the game a runner-up spot, but Ubisoft's genuine recordings obliterate Nintendo's MIDI renditions. Runners-Up: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Wii Nintendo

So it seems that the Wii is a hit, the game that we recodered for is called Red Steel so check it out if you have the Wii, you will be able to hear the 6 ft taiko and bamboo flutes as well as other taiko and percussions we used for the recording- you can hear us in the parts where the swords is used and where the game bring syou to Japan.

Russia, Switzerland

The Tour in Russia is in the works, we are still awaiting the final tour schedule. But it seems that we will be back in Moscow and St Petersburg and also play in some of the Baltic Republic. Early in the year 2007 we will then head toi Switzerland for a busy schedule, we will also be doing some educational programs and perform in schools

Symphony Space

We are getting ready for our annual Taikoza concert at Symphony Space , last year we did the show in Chinatown- so we are back on the Upper West Side. We will have new compositions and of course the signature pieces such as Yatai bayashi and Hachijo. Collaboration with our guest artists, who will also be in St Louis at the end of the month for an East Winds Ensemble concert

New Recording

A new Shakuhachi. koto record is in the works look for it in the future. Masayo Ishigure is the artist releasing the CD

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