Marco Lienhard


Good day,Marco! I would like to thank You again for Your Great Concert in Moscow 11-12 march 2011 in Cosmos Hall ! It wasgrandly,unbelievably,appallingly!!! You put one`s whole soul into Your Music. You are extremely talented and You have incredibly mastery. I hope You revisit us again! We shold be very glad to see You! Please, come back again to everybody`s great delight and pleasure! We are so much gratitude for You! Thank You again! Arigato! Good luck! We`ll be waiting for You! With big respect, Elena.
Hello! Were on your concert in Yaroslavl. Loved it! Hopefully we will see you again. Wait! Health and success to you and all your loved ones!
Hello! I have seen billboards that Taikoza will perfom in our city, Arkhangelsk, Russia at 8th of march 2011, but couldn't find it in the calendar at this site. Please comment it. Note from Taikoza We put all the tour dates in the news segment but will later update The agency did not give us definite dates til recently
Hi Marco! I just found this page casually on the internet and could read what you commented on last year's and this year's taiko event here in Buenos Aires. We really had a beautiful time playing with you. It was a great experience to play in a theater! We really hope to be able to get more and more people to know and appreciate taiko! Hoping to see you again next year, greetings from Argentina,
nice site
You were great in Haddonfield N.J. on New Years Eve.We'd love to see you agin.I'll follow your calendar.Would you consider doing some kind of a Dinner Theater?
Sensei Lienhard, thank you for bringing Taikoza to the University of Georgia. Your ensemble performed with power and passion, and your shakuhachi skills moved me to tears. May your travels be safe, your road rich, and your years long. Best Regards, Gilbert Head
A friend advised me this blog and I am very grateful to him for that, really quality made and on. to GoogleReader! Thanks Jinny
Marco, your stay in Brazil for the shakuhachi concerts, lessons and workshop opened my heart and mind for new possibilities on shakuhachi, music and life! Also, we had lots of fun going out together with you; all the choro-bars, jam sessions on the street and tons of food! We hope to see you again soon! Kisses and Hugs! Matheus & Flávia
Marco-san Although I have only attended two of your classes in NYC two years ago, I have kept the music sheet you gave me and Taiko is still in my heart. I'm struggling with the fact that there is no Taiko class in the Princeton area and wish that, one day, I can set up a place where people can learn and practice and enjoy Taiko together. The ultimate success would be to get Marco Sensei to teach us!... Beatrice
Thanks for today's concert!!! for a pitty there were not a lot of great taiko..:( but - what does it mean: "Minsk Belarussia " ?! "Belarussia" - what is this? Please write down the name of our Country correct..
marco&company,my son and i attended your performance at penn state hazleton the other evening and we were both mesmerized and impressed.i've tinkered with playing drums for many years and i always look for the next thing to intrigue son(a 5 yr old)seems to have caught the bug also.the taiko and accompanying instruments were fascinating and just plain cool!we look forward to seeing you at first night in hazleton and i will bring friends that may also enjoy the experience.thank you for a wonderful time!!peace,leo
hello marco! thank you for the wonderful performance at sussex county community college today! it was awesome to see you play your flutes with such passion! also the playfullness that you brought to the performance was so much appreciated!! thank you again all the best julie
I am now almost a one year shakuhachi student. I fell upon your CD, Poemes du Bambu, and have fallen in love with your music. Thank you!!!!! Hope some day you and your group will visit Chicago, Illinois. Very few, if any, shakuhachi players come to town. Kodo has been here many, many times, so hopefully we will get a chance to see and hear you also. Sincerely, Clinton Moy
Hello Marco-san It was a great pleasure to have met you at the festival, and I had a enjoyable moment. I greatly appreciated it. By the way, I am thinking of, if permitted, introducing several shakuhachi players outside of Japan who are using my ji-ari shakuhachi products on my English website along with their pictures. I would like to ask you if you would think this is okay with you. If you find it no problem and no legal obligation involved in it, would it be possible for you to share with me several pictures of you playing my flute (either ji-nashi or ji-ari)? Any pictures of your favorite or those from your CD would work. I would rather hope to receive them in good quality than asking for size reduced files. This probably means that my email cannot receive more than one or two large files at a time. When the album of selected pictures comes up, I will let you know. You may want to suggest for improvement then. But these all depend on how you feel about my attempt. Thank you very much for your taking time and coorperation in advance. Shugetsu
such an amazing performance at Webster Hill Elementary. Truly enjoyed it and can't wait to download from itunes! Good luck with your performances in the future!
Really dug your performance at Tabb Middle School yesterday. Most impressive was your rendition of "Moon Over Ruined Castle." Beautiful. Thanks, Mike
Bonjour Marco, Je voudrai savoir si vous avez une école de Taiko sur Suisse ou sur France pour les entrainement. Je souhaiterai vivement entrer dans une école. Merci
Looking forward to seeing you on the 16th in NYC!!
Hello my friends !! manreyti
Thank you for visiting SVCC (Alberta Campus), I really was amazed by your performance. Very beautiful and powerful. And like the commenter below me, I must say I've always loved Japan's culture as well. Thank you so very much. -Dana W.
You probably don't remember me but I'm the girl that was put on stage at the Southside Virginia Community college (Daniel Campus). I was really happy I got the chance to play the drums! Even when I was a kid, I've always loved Japan's culture! I really hope to see another one of your performances with the Taikoza~! Arigato gozaimasu!!
I attended your drumming performance in Massachusetts recently and I was blown away. You guys are amazing, not to mention humorous and extremely talented. The show was both entertaining and educational and all of my friends and I left with a sense of wonder. Thank you so much. Nicole (and the awed students of HEC Academy)
I would like to say that it was a great pleasure to attend your wonderful performance in Saint-Petersburg December, 9. It was our first encounter with Japanese national music and we were really impressed. Thank you. Thank you a lot. Anna.
Dear Marco Lienhard May I first introduce myself? My name is Silvia and I come from Switzerland. I started playing Taiko one year ago during my stay in Japan. My American friend Jason Sass and I both admire you and we are really impressed what you have achieved so far. Jason and I both love Taiko very much. Jason is still excited as he was able to meet and talk to you at the San Francisco Taiko Camp around four years ago. Even though you are famous, you took time to talk to Jason and you were so nice to him. Thank you! We hope we can enjoy your life performance sometime. If you know any Taiko Group in Switzerland, which I could join for practice, I would be very glad to hear from you. Thank you very much for your great performances!!! It's just wonderful!!! Wishing you all the best, Silvia