Marco Lienhard

Odaiko is back in New York

Our final tour in Switzerland with a week in Neuchatel was great too. We did 3 school performances for local schools and then we did 2 evening concerts for the public. We had to add one concert as the first show got booked out in advance. We then shipped all the drums back to the USA, in the meantime we had some shows upstate NY and used the drums that we still had here. For the shows in Cortland and Paramus, we had the big 6 foot odaiko again. The drums were flown back into New York only a few days prior to our departure to Cortland, NY. It is great to bve able to share that great sound with as many people as possible. We are hoping to do a recording again with the odaiko but in the meantime we are looking for sponsors. We are also working on some work tool for schools that will help student learn about taiko.

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