Marco Lienhard

Hawaii and then Back to new York

After one great month on the road in Rainy California and Sunny Hawaii, I am back in New York for our Symphony Space concert, MArch 7th at 7 pm!!!!! We have some new compositions and new arrangements. Everyone is really excited about it and we just hope the weather will be collaborating. This winter, New York has had its fair share of snow, so Spring should be coming not too soon. Hawaii was again a pleasure to be in a warm place in the winter and great as i got to meet some new poeple and as well as people from groups that i had met in the past. I got to meet some members of the group Zenshin in Maui, a great group of people. There was also a last minute workshop with Maui Taiko ,who has been practicing some of my songs and it was great to see how well they have done with them. It s great to know that the music will be played in different places around the world and sometimes at the same time. Also got to meet some shakuhachi students and that always great to see how dedicated people are to learn this amazing and wonderful instrument. I hope it will become a companion in their life for a very long time as it has for me. I did a concert with Rakudo in Kauai. Patricia Yu organized a concert for me and some local group to help also raise fund for Haiti victims and it seems we raised $360.00. I collaborated with every group that was performing and the audience at the end joined in for a drum circle that when easily on for 30 minute and then kept on going on as we were closing up the theatre. In Honolulu, I got to perform with Hawaii Matsuri Taiko in the Great Aloha Fun Run, this was again a lot of fun-playing to encourage the passing runners. did several workshops in Kona, Maui, Honolulu, Hilo, Kauai. Plans are in motion for some concerts next year in Honolulu and Kauai so far and we hope to be bale to add some other concerts and collaborations.

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