Welcome to the World and Music of Marco Lienhard-Shakuhachi- Taiko and Shinobue. The World Class Shakuhachi Maestro. Discover or rediscover the Sound of the Shakuhachi with Marco Lienhard.

Here you will find more information on Marco Lienhard, his music and his concerts. A Master of the Shakuhachi, the uncontested best player in the Western World. a Master of the Dokyoku style who mastered the style with Katsuya Yokoyama has a musicality that will touch your soul. His critically acclaimed CDs cover a wide variety of genres and are available on this site, cdbaby.com and iTunes. The amazing versatility of Marco Lienhard 's playing and his soulful sound and performance makes him a very popular shakuhachi performer around the world. 

Come and discover his music and find out where you can hear and see live performances. Check also taikoza.com's calendar for more updated dates. 

If you are serious about learning Shakuhachi, Taiko or Shinobue, don't hesitate to check our classes or private lessons. You have come to the right place to study these instruments and learn about the background and the history.

Learn how to play the Shakuhachi in New York city or countries and cities Taikoza and Marco Lienhard are in concert. It is important to learn correctly from the start and not to get bad habits when learning an instrument. It is the same with the Shakuhachi. I was fortunate enough to learn with some amazing teachers that guided me through the years. Katsuya Yokoyama and some of his students introduced me to Shakuhachi. K. Yokoyama appointed me to pass on his knowledge and his music to other generations. I hope to be able to introduce more people to the instrument. It is more than an instrument it is a life's companion. The Shakuhachi can be a demanding instrument but the rewards are immense. It is very important not to give up and not stray from the way of the Shakuhachi and its pure sound.

Workshops and lessons are available in New York and where he is performing- contact us at shaku8@icloud.com

Regular Classes in New York, West Coast, Hawaii, Europe, Switzerland as well as in South America.

New CD with Taikoza- TREEE SPIRIT- Kodama click on the link.

Marco Lienhard and East Winds Ensemble best seller is available on cdbaby.com, iTunes and amazon.com

Music from Miyazaki's Movie such as Mononoke and Totoro

For the holidays we have great CDs

 Reverie- classical music with Shakuhachi and Piano

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 Rêverie: Popular Classical pieces  played on the Shakuhachi and the piano ( Charles W. Tang)

available here , cdbaby.com and iTunes

Check also this Broadway Star Brian Stokes Mitchell who used my shakuhachi for one of his song:Lazy Afternoon

A Master of the Dokyoku style who mastered the style with Katsuya Yokoyama has a musicality that will touch your soul. His critically acclaimed CDs cover a wide variety of genres and are available on this site, cdbaby.com and iTunes.

Shakuhachi and Koto Concerts in New York

Friday, December 16, 2016 at 8 PM

West Park Presbyterian Church - Sanctuary Theater -165 west 86th street New York, NY 10024

Tickets at taikoza.com or  here on MArcoLienhard.com

 Voice of the Earth and Tree Spirit
 at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/taikoza2
and http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/taikoza3 


Coming up events

Marco Live’ 16 :Taiko, Shakuhachi, Shinobue, Nohkan and Taiko and dance

9/22 at 2:30 PM

Location: Chokoji in Gyota shi, Saitama

日時 9月22日(木)

開演 午後2時30分~

会場 長光寺石之蔵空華


問合せ 09088796802(福島まで)会費 1000円



9/25 at 4 PM  Special Live with Ichiro Jishoya and Marco Lienhard at Canadian Academy, Main Theater (Rokko Island).  Tickets :3500円, call 079-560-3200 or email: ichitaiko@outlook.jp


10/8  at 5 PM  Marco Lienhard- Shakuhachi , Shinobue and Odori

Komagome Church,  Tokyo, Komagome 2-3-8/ http://www.komagome-kyoukai.org Tickets :2000円, call 03-3441-9383 , Eメール:shaku8@icloud.com

マルコリーンハード尺八の会 邦楽鑑賞会




【公演時間】17時開演 18時30分終演 (16時開場

【料金】2,500円 (前売り:2000円;駒込教会員 1700円

(問い合せ先)03-3441-9383 , Eメール:shaku8@icloud.com

Switzerland tour November 2016 

11/17 Geneve

11/18 La Neuveville

11/19Delémont Forum St Georges avec toutes les coordonnées: http://www.ccrd.ch/web/contact.html

- 11/20 Neuchâtel, Temple du Bas avec les billets vendus : http://www.ccrd.ch/web/contact.html

Marco Lienhard studied and mastered the Honkyoku & Dokyoku with the late Katsuya Yokoyama, who gave him the mission to pass on the art form and the music to students around the world. 

Marco Lienhard is very versatile in his playing from the DoKyoku meditation repertoire to the modern compositions for Shakuhachi. You will discover a new and exciting sound of the Shakuhachi. At ease with Honkyoku, traditional, modern, minyo,  Folk music, classical and improvisation, Marco Lienhard will bring you to the essence and soul of Shakuhachi music and he will make you rediscover the instrument. His Taiko and Shinobue  artistry will also awake your senses to a whole new level of musicianship. One of the few if not only performers in the World that have attained such high musicianship in all those instruments. Do not miss an opportunity to see or hear him in concert and experience the passion of his music and art form.

He has recently composed two new records for Taikoza of his new compositions and arrangements. He also performed with the Juilliard New Music Ensemble  premiering  the composition by T Hosokawa: Voyage X. 

Marco Lienhard is available for concerts, recording sessions,lectures, lessons and workshops. Marco Lienhard is a master of the Shakuhachi who has performed around the world for the past 33 years. He started his study as a member of Ondekoza under Masters  Katsuya Yokoyama and Teruo Furuya in Japan from 1981-1998.

Private lessons as well as master classes and workshops are available in New York and in the different cities where Marco Lienhard performs. Please contact us to know more about regular lessons, Skype lessons, masterclasses, concerts and recordings.


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Shakuhachi: Private lessons uptown or daytime possibility midtown

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Check the new Cds available online on cdbaby.com or on iTunes Marco Lienhard's other projects: Taikoza and East Winds Ensemble can also be found here.

Check the schedule page for the next concert don't miss Marco Lienhard in concert- performing on three continents every year. If you cannot make it to the concert you can also find the music on itune, Napster or CDBaby.com

Enjoy your visit. We will be updating our website regularly with some news from the road. Here is a VIDEO clip of TAIKOZA: Taikoza demo video


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